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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: High school coaches -

Posted elsewhere but worth noting. Before any coches begin to complain about the talent that left for the Junior team or a Prep team start by asking, "Did I do everything possible for my players to help them get to the next level?" "Did I make the phone calls, schedule the meetings and make the introductions in order for my players to keep playing the game of hockey?"

If the answer to either of those questions is 'no,' then you have nothing to complain about.

There isn't one college coach that would tell a player to keep playing public high school hockey if the coach has any interest in that player.

Re: High school coaches -

So coaches go out of their way to protect the players they have from doing what is not the best for the kid?

Re: High school coaches -

Before we go too far down this rat hole, quite a few top Prep coaches don't do anything to help their players go to the next level either. Plus they will over-recruit and never say a word to the kid that ends up on the short end.

World's change, Bucky. Get used to it.

Re: High school coaches -

Very true with Prep! It all starts at the top with parents who have mighty expectations. They are spending a lot of money for the "Experience". If coaches don't win, players ( Tuition) don't come. That is why the stud pays 10%-50% for the opportunity to play over the decent ( Wealthy - Full Pay )