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"Pro Stock" hockey sticks

OK I always hear you can't trust these twigs because whatever paint / flex #'s are on these they might not be real. What's the truth? Are they what they say they are? Someone who is in the know (his son plays in the NHL) told me Ovechkin plays with a 77 flex stick and you look at the Ovi pro stocks and they have 100+ numbers on them and are like a noodle - the one I saw.

Re: "Pro Stock" hockey sticks

Stopped in Hockey Money and looked at the pro stock sticks a while back. I was a bit shocked and the insane / mistake curves on some of the sticks. These look like very much factory seconds to me. Maybe for the driveway!

Re: "Pro Stock" hockey sticks

For what it's worth, I've heard from a couple of skills guys that have ties to pro teams, that some pros definitely use very low flex sticks, many times with a factory wrap that says something different.

Re: "Pro Stock" hockey sticks

Explains how they snap with a simple wrist shot --> Ovechkin