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Re: St. Mary's

Watched it and actually thought it was a great game. We were waiting for the Super 8 finale but this game was actually better. It was interesting to watch the differing coaching philosophies - St. Mary's went all in and tried to go for the kill with just two lines; Franklin took the patient approach and went with three lines and tired St. Mary's out. I think if you really, really trust your goalie you take your time and stay with what got you there. The difference ended up being the coaching chance they both took and it looked like it could have gone either way.

Also interesting, at least from my perspective was some of the defensemen in the D-1 title game were actually better than the defensemen in the Super 8 title game. Same as the year before when the Hingham defensemen were by-and-large better than those that we saw in the 2015 Super 8 game. More college eyes should be watching all levels as they might find something.

Very good observations. I was also there for S8 and although I wished the D1 game ended a little bit sooner, it was a fun game to watch. I thought Franklin forwards worked better as a team, but St. Marys forwards were better skilled. I totally agree on the defense. Franklin had the steadier group of the 2. I though the Franklin goalie overall was better and did a better job redirecting the shots, for the most part. The St Mary goalie struck me as a bit nervous or unsure of himself. Both coaches are very seasoned, and both stuck to their plan, as shown by St Marys relentless pressure in the first OT. Franklin's ability to withstand St Mary's pressure and shots on net were impressive.

Re: St. Mary's

So I guess they didn't deserve a Super 8 bid.
I'm glad they got their question answered.

That last game against Hingham killed our chances.
We should have beaten Franklin easily, but I'd guess the other 4 teams that Franklin beat to get to the Garden probably said the same thing.
We did not roll the 3 lines as consistently as Franklin did and it cost us in the end as we were tired. I think our forwards were better overall, and our top D was better, but Franklin D had better depth. AL made some HUGE stops in net to bail us out, including the 10-beller 2 on 1 at the end of the third period, but Franklin goalie was just as good.
I heard rumors that we have Franklin on the schedule for next season. Anyone know if it is true and where it is being played?

Franklin vs. St Marys Lynn
Sgt. Pirelli Veterans Memorial Rink, Franklin
Sat, Jan 14, 2017 6:30PM