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Re: Losing Talent

Bit confused. Do you want to talk about the publics losing players or Arlington Hockey? Happy to add to the former, have nothing for you on the latter.

Re: Losing Talent

They all lose kids. And some coaches get all ***** about it but hey, if you go and look in the mirror you'll see a big reason why they leave.

Go and get the kid some looks, place a few in Juniors, invite the college coaches in....bad mouthing the kids once they leave, yelling at Junior coaches to 'leave your kids alone,' and doing NOTHING to get your kids to the next level is why a good percentage leave.

Re: Losing Talent

Some of the south shore D-I high school coaches should read this post....very slowly.

Re: Losing Talent

Amen to that.

Re: Losing Talent

Some of these teams have 4-5 'coaches' on the bench, God forbid they pick up the phone and make a call or send a few emails.

Re: Losing Talent

Exactly. It's like complaining about elected officials but refusing to vote. Either have one guy responsible to move kids along or you lose your right to complain about kids that leave.