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Re: QMJHL News

Another kid led astray by stupid parents and "advisers".

Who's to say he was "led astray"?? The kid is a late '99 and probably hadn't gotten much college attention yet, if any, and was seeing tiny 00s and 01s getting commits. He wasn't drafted in the USHL (or even the Q) and he got an opportunity out of the blue. If the team's GM hadn't turned over, he'd probably be happy as a clam in the Q and would probably finally get some recognition. As it is, he may actually get MORE attention from colleges now than he would have because they've at least heard his name. Losing one year of eligibility may turn out to have been a small price to pay.

If a kid isn't getting NCAA attention from schools he'd like to attend, why not go to the Q? Q teams offer educational packages that can be used anywhere. True, they wouldn't cover the whole price of college, but they'd help and a player who hasn't gotten much attention from college hockey wouldn't be getting much of a package either if he eventually does get an offer.
Comment was made by a guy who wasn't contacted by any advisors. So, naturally, anyone that has one is an idiot.

So many people on these boards act like what is happening to someone else's kid is somehow negatively impacting them.