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Re: Why can't we have the same High School Model as Minnesota?

My personal opinion? MN still has a "community first" mentality when it comes to their towns/schools and those who live within them/play for them. All the way down to the Grandma down the street who hasn't had a kid play on the local high school team in over 50 years. She still follows the team and attends games. Here? Not happening. Once the kids are out of high school the parental interest in the team drops and they no longer attend games. MN has generations of family's attending, including family's who don't have players. The town pride is strong. Whereas here in MA you have the majority of folks who think keeping up with the Jones' is more important than community pride, they think being able to say their kid attends a prep school is more important than being a part of their community. They think playing for their local high school team is "beneath" them and not nearly good enough for their little Johnny.

Bingo! So true! It really is more cultural than anything. I bet their D Board is way more constructive and gentile, Mass Wholes!!