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Re: Middlesex League

The dismantling of the public schools is building momentum. As the C.C. school's own 'arms race' continues they have found they need to shake more bushes to find players. In 3-4 years a public will struggle to win a single regular season game against a top half C.C. school and forget about Super 8 (the state private school championship).
It's not just the C.C. schools. The preps are taking the best kids from the Publics to fill gaps in their teams. And the full season teams are siphoning off the top talent, too, promising greater exposure and a higher level of play.

You can be an "average" sophomore at a school that has at least aspirations of a tournament bid and get Top 6 minutes.

Re: Middlesex League

That's poses the question, when will the Catholics branch off and make their own tournament?

Are there enough top sustain a full season and playoff without involving public schools?

Re: Middlesex League

funny you should ask this as the MIAA sports are going to a 'Super 8' format.

The thing is, those in charge are so removed from the reality of what is going on they have no clue these schools have ramped-up recruiting and offering deals to land players. They think it's still 1985.

Re: Middlesex League

Mass public HS Hockey is about 5 years away from becoming NH HS hockey .....

Re: Middlesex League

1-2 years tops. Juniors and preps has killed hs hockey for the most part except for a few towns that have good coaching and all the kids agree to stay and play from youth thru hs.

Re: Middlesex League

stoneham is loaded this year possible super8. kid has grown 3" almost hits cross bar with his head is our #1 treat.