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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Middlesex League

funny you should ask this as the MIAA sports are going to a 'Super 8' format.

The thing is, those in charge are so removed from the reality of what is going on they have no clue these schools have ramped-up recruiting and offering deals to land players. They think it's still 1985.

Re: Middlesex League

Mass public HS Hockey is about 5 years away from becoming NH HS hockey .....

Re: Middlesex League

1-2 years tops. Juniors and preps has killed hs hockey for the most part except for a few towns that have good coaching and all the kids agree to stay and play from youth thru hs.

Re: Middlesex League

stoneham is loaded this year possible super8. kid has grown 3" almost hits cross bar with his head is our #1 treat.