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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Town to high school

I think he was referring to the C.C. schools digging deeper to land kids and many are coming out of publics. Looks is 2016, the Super 8 is a C.C. tournament and to think a bunch of kids coming out of one ZIP Code can compete with a fully recruited team from 12 - 15 different towns is naive and living in another time.

Re: Town to high school

I think a couple make it each year and they don't see much ice...if any.
Their odds of seeing ice are improving, because the better players are leaving to go to CC, Prep or full season.

Publics are in trouble. Someone said it in another thread, MIAA thinks it's still 1985. They need to get in the DeLorean and go see what it will be if they don't start changing their thinking.

Change their thinking on what? The MIAA philosophy on high school hockey doesn't have any affect on why or where kids are playing (Prep, CC, or Full Season), as more and more kids leave the Public teams, high schools are going to figure out it makes no sense to carry and fund a program, huge money saver I would suspect will be thinking of many school committees.

Totally disagree. Public high schools don't build their teams with the specific intention of preparing kids for post-high school hockey. The goal for most local high school programs is to find the best group available to represent the school and community. If some of the best players move on to prep, CC, full season, etc. it will simply open the door for the next level of players who might not have gotten the opportunity previously. As long as they can field a full squad, regardless of talent and the friends and family of those players support the team nobody will be dropping their programs.