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Re: Mass State Hockey Coaches Association

THE biggest lie in hockey that has been told for generations is: "If you're a good player, we'll find you."

Maybe it should be restated; "If you are connected, your father or uncle played in the NHL, your dad is a D-1 coach, an NHL scout or an NHL front office employee, if your blood line is scattered with D-1 and NHL DNA or your brother is already onboard, if you played in the right program or for the right coaches and went to the right camps we will find you."

The differences between D-1 and top-end D-3 is so slim. Look at the legacy kids who get moved along while everyone else scratches their heads and know if the back of the kid's sweater said "Kaplinski" instead of "NHL Offspring" the kid would have faded from the scene as he graduated high school.

How about the story of the local kid that played public h.s. hockey and went out to the Midwest on his own and the USHL coaches said, "Kid, where have you been?" Local experts and local high school coaches all missed it evidently. They didn't "find him."
Then that kid's father didn't do enough to help his kid. And I highly doubt he went "unnoticed" by his coaches - more likely, they didn't feel the need to help him. Maybe he was just a late bloomer. Maybe he finally got his head on straight.

I have no such blood line, my kid is above average but still developing, and I got called by a highly credentialed advisor earlier this year. He heard about my kid from a coach we both know, and is now helping us. Meaning, if he develops, he won't go unnoticed.

My kid sees me making connections all the time - leaving positive impressions with guys with strong connections in the sport. I'm friendly with at least a half dozen guys with NHL teams and D1 college coaches on their cell phones that wouldn't hesitate for a second to help us out when the time comes, if I asked. Why? Because I'm nice to people, I'm considerate of them, my kid has a great attitude and works his butt off every day, and everybody that works with him know it. People like to help people that they like.

And I'm protective of those relationships. I'm not asking for favors now, because we don't need favors now.

So, it's not a lie. It's just that most parents don't understand that the saying "what goes around comes around" can be good, as well as bad.

Sorry your kid isn't very good, the bigger problem is that your kid will eventually have to take care of himself, or will your relationships take care of the rest of his life as well? Your an example of what's wrong with parents now a days.

Well put.