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Re: D-I Champs or Super 8 Road Kill ????

And I think if I were a good hockey player living in eastern Mass and I was not up for going prep, why wouldn't I go to a school like MC, AP or BCH and have a chance to win it all? And the coaches work at getting the kids junior and college looks so why would I go? Heck I think there are a few Hingham kids every year that go to BCH and I'd guess it isn't for the academics.

As far as I know there aren't any Hingham kids playing varsity hockey at any Catholic, let alone BCH. No doubt if the Hingham coaches actually coached and played kids based on skill, not seniority they would probably retain at least a few of the kids who leave for (or go directly to) prep or club every year.

Re: D-I Champs or Super 8 Road Kill ????

I don't know about the seniority thing. Too many underclassmen get run over in D-1 / C.C. hockey, just look at how much time they gave the NHL'er's kid and it was nothing short of a disaster. Good little player but he wasn't ready for more than a few shifts per game - hardly worth building the whole backend around the little guy. A couple years ago T.D. was a local that went to BCH and he parlayed it into a spot at Tufts and the standing joke around h.s. hockey is he wouldn't have gotten a shift had he stayed and somehow the BCH coaches got him a spot at Tufts. They just need to do more to move kids along.

Re: D-I Champs or Super 8 Road Kill ????

Not sure, but didn't Reading win one year?

Re: D-I Champs or Super 8 Road Kill ????

2007 - 2008

Year Winner
2015-16 Malden Catholic
2014–15 St. John's Prep
2013–14 Malden Catholic
2012–13 Malden Catholic
2011–12 Malden Catholic
2010–11 Malden Catholic
2009–10 Hingham
2008–09 Catholic Memorial
2007–08 Reading
2006–07 BC High
2005–06 BC High
2004–05 Catholic Memorial
2003–04 Catholic Memorial
2002–03 Catholic Memorial
2001–02 BC High
2000–01 Catholic Memorial
1999–00 Catholic Memorial
1998–99 Catholic Memorial
1997–98 Catholic Memorial
1996–97 Arlington Catholic
1995–96 BC High
1994–95 Catholic Memorial
1993–94 Catholic Memorial
1992–93 Catholic Memorial
1991–92 Catholic Memorial
1990–91 Catholic Memorial

Re: D-I Champs or Super 8 Road Kill ????

Franklin was way overdue to win something . They lost3 years straight in the Garden. Congrats!! HS hockey watered down beyond belief now.They do a bring a great crowd to every game!

Re: D-I Champs or Super 8 Road Kill ????

Nice Super 8 champs list. So apart from Reading and Hingham winning within the past decade, there are only four or five Catholic teams that have ever won the Super8. At least these publics have won the title, more than many of the other Catholic teams that never have. Maybe it should just be the Super 3 or Super4.