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Re: Youth Tab of this site

"...nobody will care who he played for when he was 11, or how good a PeeWee he was."

There were a handful of kids making teams a few years ago based upon their days on Boston Mission. If you play for the best team in the region as a Peewee, some are impressed by it.
That was a LONG time ago. And I'm sorry, but even that wasn't a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. They still had to be able to play when they were 15/16/17.

More current example is the 2000 Flames team that won the Q. Some have gone on and continued to excel. Some have become good, not great players. Simply being on the team doesn't mean much five years later.

Re: Youth Tab of this site

Yup. And some of those boys parlayed it into junior hockey (even up in the Q) before people figured out some of them didn't keep up and now some are dabbling in lower level college hockey or club hockey and they're about as good as the next kid but still being moved on.