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Re: Captain's Practices

It is amazing the range of knowledge to lack of knowledge in this area when it comes to levels of hockey. It appears that people base all of their knowledge of the sport on their small sample of where they played or their school.

My experiences with Captains practices were the real deal (the coach would tell the captain things he would suggest working on or suggest they use the same plan that last years captain did ) In fact, the coach would use a season practice at some point to run a simulated captains practice where they would observe from the stands, so they when they could not be there it was fine.

In addition, players pushed themselves hard, because they knew the captains would be telling the coaches who did what and the potential to be cut was very real. The captains took their role very serious so that the captaincy would not be revoked and the players took it very serious too.

I can say that the numerous captains practices at various levels I participated in were real practices that the coach had some behind the scenes input in. It would always inevitably end in some type of scrimmage or shootout. But it did not matter if the coach was there or not, because they were structured uptempo intense practices.. In fact some of the most physical practices were captains practices when the coach was not there to tell you to stop crushing his new d men with an overly aggressive fore check !

They are a joke you are wrong , we have catholic and prep experience with these garbage practices . They are useless , all they are for is so the older kids can tool on the incoming freshmen , that's it . I have seen kids get hurt , bullied , and tooled on for no good reason ......They are a joke .

Hey - sorry your kid got his feelings hurt.

Yeah nothing like watching a goalie get pucks shot at the back of his legs and off the face on purpose , also loved all the cross checks and trips. Yeah those are some great practices seeing kids get hurt for no reason other than kids being tough guys .......

Wow, where are you sending your kids? The programs I have been aware of pretty much have been run like what the poster who said they were the "real deal" - with the Captains instructed and advised just how to run a good practice - except it was the D men shutting down the forwards!

Re: Captain's Practices

if this is the sh$t that happens at your kids school, why the hell would you want him playing on that team anyway? Even if he is not one of the benders trying to make an impression.

Re: Captain's Practices

If your Captain's Practices are a fundraisers, you need a better Boosters program!

"Boosters program"!!?? For high school hockey?

Yes, Boosters are what keep the Catholics and higher-end Publics in MA afloat.

D-2 & D-3 H.S. teams would be shocked at the $ raised and the budgets of top D-1 and C.C. schools. Plus, many have annual surpluses that are carried over to the next year that could fund a crappy H.S. team for a decade.

Ice 5-6 days a week, a Varsity, JV and Freshmen team, bus rides, coaches, equipment. . . it's not free and not many schools are able to open the check book.

Re: Captain's Practices

Clearly you are not involved in hockey these days. Many places Ice cost is closer to $300/hr and any quality boosters group will put this together for the kids and yes make a few hundred dollars on it. Then the few hundred goes right back into the program by way of workout clothes, sweatshirts, water bottles, whatever the program needs that the school does not fund. Moron