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Re: Captain's Practices

if this is the sh$t that happens at your kids school, why the hell would you want him playing on that team anyway? Even if he is not one of the benders trying to make an impression.

Re: Captain's Practices

If your Captain's Practices are a fundraisers, you need a better Boosters program!

"Boosters program"!!?? For high school hockey?

Yes, Boosters are what keep the Catholics and higher-end Publics in MA afloat.

D-2 & D-3 H.S. teams would be shocked at the $ raised and the budgets of top D-1 and C.C. schools. Plus, many have annual surpluses that are carried over to the next year that could fund a crappy H.S. team for a decade.

Ice 5-6 days a week, a Varsity, JV and Freshmen team, bus rides, coaches, equipment. . . it's not free and not many schools are able to open the check book.

Re: Captain's Practices

Clearly you are not involved in hockey these days. Many places Ice cost is closer to $300/hr and any quality boosters group will put this together for the kids and yes make a few hundred dollars on it. Then the few hundred goes right back into the program by way of workout clothes, sweatshirts, water bottles, whatever the program needs that the school does not fund. Moron