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Re: Preseason Top 20

Knock AP out of top 10.
Defenseman all left, nothing coming up and forwards are all to small.

Goalie is very good ( and seasoned) and they have a lot of young talent. They should be good.

Re: Preseason Top 20

Every year you see the same names on this list at the beginning of the year and every year there are "sleeper" teams that make it in.
On a whole, north and south are down this year for division1. I think you will wee some sleepers in here from division 2. Agreed, Middlesex league is down this year. There were a few coaching changes that may impact not just that league, but the list as a whole.

Does anyone want to go out on a limb with some far outs?

Re: Preseason Top 20

That's tough to do. I think Canton should be more successful in D2. I think Natick will drop a bit in D1. I think Hingham will start to climb again, but none of this would be a surprise.

Re: Preseason Top 20

1 Boston College HS
2 Pope Francis HS
3 Malden Catholic HS
4 St Johns Prep
5 Austin Prep
6 Braintree HS
7 Arlington Catholic HS
8 Reading HS
9 Hingham HS
10 Franklin HS
11 St Marys Lynn HS
12 Burlington HS
13 Arlington HS
14 Central Catholic HS
15 Duxbury HS
16 Catholic Memorial HS
17 Marshfield
18 Chelmsford HS
19 Archbishop Williams HS
20 Winchester HS

Franklin no chance on this list. Pulled magic out of the hat last year after losing 20+ seniors, cannot do it again losing another 10 - 15 more.

Don't be so sure. Didn't they rely on underclassmen last season? Is there senior(s) that graduated that they cannot fill with underclassmen from last season?

Re: Preseason Top 20

AP goalie is the best in New England and for that reason they will be #1

Re: Preseason Top 20

AP goalie is the best in New England and for that reason they will be #1

Settle down. He is a really good goalie but there are plenty of prep and AAA midget goalies that much have a say in that matter.

Re: Preseason Top 20

If he is so good then why is he there?