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Re: Middlesex League

just pee'd a little in my pants

Re: Middlesex League

Stoneham Spartans will win Middlesex league. They have the best goalie&snipper in the state!!!!

Re: Middlesex League

Don't laugh but I wouldn't overlook Lexington. They have a new coach and a strong core of returning players. Success of the football team and a winning culture could carry over to hockey. Also this is the first generation of Wizards players having an impact on what had been a weaker high school program.

Whiffed on this prediction. They are what they are. Guy who thought Belmont would be good was right though. No stopping Arlington this year.

Re: Middlesex League Melrose

Reply Re: Melrose high school
The head coach from Melrose high is a joke, imo cannot coach at all.Teaches? The Players to wack the puck around the boards and ice the puck...cannot teach offensive zone hockey at all. Difficult for parents to watch his style of hockey.Season is slipping away...He rode Lynnfield players and did not "Coach" them to States. Degrades the players, screams all game and plays his college teammates 2 kids most of game. One of those kids a Sr capt avgs 2 penalties a game without reprimand.. but this guy continues to put his roomies kid on ice. Kid has scored a total of 2 goals in hs career, both this year. Now he is a leader??? This guy has had his eye on the door every year for a super 8 team. ..actually thinks he can be an AD. Go back to Lynnfield HS or better yet...Your fired....
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