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Re: High School Rosters

It would be really interesting if high schools listed rosters like colleges do and name what program the kid played for prior to making the varsity squad. Coaches, take it a run with it!

Mass HS hockey does have an awesome web site, that tracks about everything but where they played before, why? as others have already said, who cares.

Re: High School Rosters

Anyone who doesn't think there is a difference of where a kid played youth is crazy. Huge difference between youth town players and club players. Huge.

Re: High School Rosters

Anyone who doesn't think there is a difference of where a kid played youth is crazy. Huge difference between youth town players and club players. Huge.

If you are trying to find a correlation between where a kid played youth and now plays High School hockey to prove a point, don't bother. Most anybody playing higher level HS hockey and competitive played Select hockey. I know of only a few who didn't and it was mainly circumstances ( large family, resources, etc) and it worked out fine for them up to a point. Hockey has become a wealthier kids sport and it definitely has pushed some talented athletes out.

I think what the poster was saying is that he does not care. He recognizes it but really doesn't care or need the confirmation.

My guess is your player is on the cusp of High School and you are trying to read the tea leaves. I get it !!

Re: High School Rosters

Couple of other flaws. I don't think USA Hockey makes rosters generally available, so whatever would be listed would be self-reported. Meaning, not necessarily accurate.

And, what team gets listed? The last team played for? In a lot of cases that's a half season midget team. Kid could have played 10 years for MMF, or he could have played for Framingham, and then plays U16 for the River Rats, or the Nordiques, or any of dozens of half season midget teams. What knowledge are you gaining by knowing where he pays for the last three months?

And, then there's level. Listing a team name doesn't really tell you what level, the kid played virtually all programs - private or town - have three levels of teams. using the same example, if you see a kid that sucks, and his "resume" says he was MMF or Framingham Flyers, you could sit there and say "wow, that's a really good program, surprised he isn't a better player. But what yo don't know is it was the EMHL team, or it was the Town "B" team.

You can usually find out a little about the truly elite kids by looking them up on If they are on the radar early enough, you can find out where they played from that.

Re: High School Rosters

Townie towns like Canton, Dedham, Norwood and Walpole would be exposed to all their nepotism, booster volunteers and friends and family legacy picks!

Re: High School Rosters

Nearly all of the high schools have the same garbage, nepotism, boosters, age, tenure, coaches friends kids and on and on.