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Re: G. Reagan Summitt

Spy Ponders Fan
So how was it? Any shockers? Who looked good?

I know it's a short meaningless scrimmage but a few things stood out on the score sheet

Arlington 3, Malden Catholic 1
Even for a scrimmage for MC to come up a couple goals short is a bit surprising

Braintree 1, Pope Francis 1
Could this signal the long awaited arrival of the Womps to being a contentender?

Marshfield 1, Reading 1:
D-I potential public powers one north and one south who both might make a serious late season run

Xaverian 3, Hingham 2
For a program that prides itself on defense, Hingham giving up two goals in the first minute makes you wonder where it's going

Scrimmages, so I'm not sure how much you can read into it, but my take:
MC did not play their core for a majority like a regular season game.
Braintree/PF says more about PF than Braintree. Braintree honestly not as good as everyone makes them out to be. The division they are in is horrible. Just look at tourney results last year. When you're playing teams like Norwood twice a year, you better have a good record.
Marshfield/Reading - I agree. These two should be there at the end.
Xavarian/Hingham - Also agree. says more about Hingham struggling than it does about X.

"Mc did not play their core for a majority like a regular season game." - And Arlington doesn't have the luxury of recruiting kids from all over the state. Give the Spy Ponders some credit and stop making excuses!

Not sure where the OP criticized Arlington, or excuses were given Just said that MC did not play their core as much as normal, which is accurate for a scrimmage. MC actually lost a good chunk of talent as well.
Arlington is ok. Don't get yourself all worked up.

I think the OP comments are pretty accurate for all the games he listed.