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Malden Catholic 0 - Hingham 0

Watched the game and it appears MC doesn't have the couple stand-out kids like they've had in the past. They have depth, good skating team, a bit undersized and I don't doubt they can pull it together by March but it will take more coaching than in the past. Hingham looked like what they are; a team with some big athletic kids who aren't really hockey players first but who that give it a good effort. Not a lot of depth compared to C.C. teams but loaded with seniors. They might be in the hunt in March.

Re: Malden Catholic 0 - Hingham 0

Good read on both fronts.

MC looks like they don't have the goal scoring firepower (yet) they will need. D looks good, goalie good enough, big. Hingham has a swarming offence lacking sound positional play which will take some coaching too. A good passing team will wear them out. D not as good as recent years, a bit too offensive minded, goalie will have to be great to make a run.

Re: Malden Catholic 0 - Hingham 0

Saw the replay posted on Serio video and strangely enough the video didn't have the clock inside of the frame like the live feed had. Means one thing, the refs made a mistake and gave MC the OT victory.

Re: Malden Catholic 0 - Hingham 0

I noticed that too. Hockey tradition is to favor the tournament host, isn't it?