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Re: Mighty MC falls to Delbarton

So they will still be tier 3 and just because it will be free for all of the provincial families that are afraid to travel outside of New England people think it will then compete with the USHL?

Ummm, why would you think that anyone other than you would expect a Tier 2 team to be competitive against a Tier 1 league?

The USPHL needs to be competitive against the NAHL, which is Tier 2 and tuition free. The Northeast Generals moved here last year, will play out of Attleboro. THAT'S who the USPHL wants to compete against.

USA Hockey better be careful, this decision has disaster written all over it. I personally expect the AAU to make inroads into NE youth hockey through the USPHL, into the EHF.

And, if you had a kid that is at that level, you'd understand how attractive tuition free hockey without billeting is, as an alternative to the NAHL. Not the USHL.

That's what I'm thinking. AAU is trying to get back into hockey. So here is a perfect opportunity. I can see that somewhere between now and the beginning of next season you see an announcement that they are partnering this new league with AAU and then not longer after they move the rest of the USPHL out of USA Hockey and to AAU.