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Re: IHDB High School Top Ten


1. (3) Pope Francis – Beating Archie’s and SJS pretty handily and rolling over Franklin you have a new Numba one.

2. (2) BC High – Squeaker to beat SJS but handily spanking Reading and Andover one can see the difference between top teams and the second tier of wanna-bes.

3. (1) Malden Catholic – Ties against Hingham and Austin Prep in their own tournament they just might not be ‘all that.’ Lacking size they make up for it in speed but need a scorer to step up.

4. (9) Austin Prep – a tie with MC and rolling over St. Mary’s means good things might be coming. We will know a lot more in the next week or two.

5. (4) St. Mary's – Beating Hingham but losing to SJP & Arlington Catholic means they’re good but not great.

6. (5) Hingham – Better than expected for the Harbormen. A tie with both MC and SJP they feel they can compete.

7. (7) St. John's Prep – managing a tie against Hingham and no real other games to gauge the team it’s still early at the Prep. It’s not who they have played, it’s who they haven’t played.

8. (12) Andover – Chelmsford and Reading wins mean they are a serious public contender.

9. (17) Arlington Catholic – Beating St. Mary’s is worth something.

10. (14) Central Catholic – racking up the goal totals against Acton-Boxboro and Billerica might look good but only time will tell if they belong in the top ten.

10. (15) Marshfield – big wins over X and Barnstable might be enough to break the top 10. Test against Hingham later this week.

Here's HNIB top teams -

1 BC High
2 Malden Catholic
3 Pope Francis
4 Austin Prep
5 St. Mary's
6 Hingham
7 Andover
8 Arlington Catholic
9 St. John's Prep
10 Arlington
11 Franklin
12 Braintree
13 Central Catholic

Pretty close but I give the nod to the DBoard Top 10

Scratch Braintree from top 75. They just lost to BR.

Re: IHDB High School Top Ten


And The Boston Globe is even worse!

Re: IHDB High School Top Ten

Please update to include top 12

Re: IHDB High School Top Ten

give us your thoughts on the next 4-5

Re: IHDB High School Top Ten

Please update to include top 12

Good point. Please include. Top 12 is the way to go.