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Re: Walpole

Coaching staff is a complete joke. Totally not in tune with high school hockey landscape. He literally could not tell you the good teams or players in the area. This is the one year this clown has a really good team and he is wasting it against subpar talent. He is completely depleted next year so he has missed his window I'm actually making a run at a title. Previous poster is right on as to why good players would stay in this program. Every year they lose good players because of stuff like this.

This is what happens when you let your AD also coach. It's all about which parents kiss up to him to get the kids on the team, funding his suburban league (which is crappy at best), kickbacks he gets from telling his players to play for Express, and keeping his drinking buddies on the bench with him.

Walpole would be a powerhouse year-over-year if they brought in an actual hockey guy to run the program.

Re: Walpole

My kid plays on this team. Sadly I have to agree. Joke of a program. Coach is a total clown. Good team this year so hopefully they go far but none of us who have been around this guy for a while believes in him. Wish we played tougher competition to see how good we really are.

Re: Walpole

What do the Boosters say? As parents the thing to do would be step up the money raising and step up the expectations and let the AD know what the expectations are. As the old saying goes, 'money talks and B.S. walks.'

Re: Walpole

Waltham Hockey ~2002 Division 1 State Champions ~5X Super 8 Participants #GoHawks

Oh wait, Walpole.....

Re: Walpole

Another cake-walk of a schedule. That league is just horrible. Coach needs to schedule better non-league competition. Same story as last season - be overrated during the season, then struggle in tournament.

Facing another powerhouse in Needham tonight.
How can they think anyone will take their success seriously?

Re: Walpole

Why not chat with the coach and have him schedule a few scrimmages against some of the south shore publics? Hingham, Duxbury, Braintree and see how it goes?