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Re: Walpole

What do the Boosters say? As parents the thing to do would be step up the money raising and step up the expectations and let the AD know what the expectations are. As the old saying goes, 'money talks and B.S. walks.'

Re: Walpole

Waltham Hockey ~2002 Division 1 State Champions ~5X Super 8 Participants #GoHawks

Oh wait, Walpole.....

Re: Walpole

Another cake-walk of a schedule. That league is just horrible. Coach needs to schedule better non-league competition. Same story as last season - be overrated during the season, then struggle in tournament.

Facing another powerhouse in Needham tonight.
How can they think anyone will take their success seriously?

Re: Walpole

Why not chat with the coach and have him schedule a few scrimmages against some of the south shore publics? Hingham, Duxbury, Braintree and see how it goes?