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Re: IHDB High School Top 10

Taking a page out of the old Catholic School playbook is he? Most public schools aren't onto this concept of having your kids play together year around on a select team and then pull into the high school season looking like a real team.

Of course the Catholics also coach (often the assistant coaches) younger select teams to keep the recruiting pipeline open which the publics have no chance of playing this game as they are stuck with the kids that live in their district.

But hey, who needs apples to apples when it comes to high school hockey?

Re: IHDB High School Top 10

Sounds like play for pay to me

Re: IHDB High School Top 10

Yeah but it's sold under 'let's develop chemistry between the players.....'

Re: IHDB High School Top 10

I'm surprised more coaches don't do what the Arlington coach does. Kids skate together year round on his "private" team. Coach M make lots of money charging them $3000 each to play. Parents are happy spending the money to get their kids playing time on the high school varsity team. Everyone is happy

Re: IHDB High School Top 10

Exactly the catholic school method of holding them together, earning some bucks and getting rink time to look for the next 12-13 year old.

Re: IHDB High School Top 10

But doesn't the MIAA have rules against this type of pay scheme?
Doesn't seem fair to those players who chose not to pay the coach for roster spots

Re: IHDB High School Top 10

Heard arlington is changing its name from the spyponders to the penguins