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Re: New England No Check Hockey Program

Thanks to all the soccer moms.
Go ruin football next

Already done.

This should end up replacing high school in a few years, college a few years after that and then the NFL.

Is it really worth scrambling your brain just to play football? Not my kid!!

The chances of ever playing Pro football are so miniscule especially if you are a new englander. Not that it matters because the damage will be done long before then anyway.

Not looking to sissify sports but to allow your kid to play this barbaric sport is a poor parenting choice.

Spoken by a true soccer mom.

Is it really worth getting up and going to work. The children might get hurt.

Ha ha. Ok. Go let your kid scramble his brains so he can be third string at Bridgewater State. Give it up already and join the Rugby Club

Re: New England No Check Hockey Program

Pussification of America

Re: New England No Check Hockey Program

The fact of the matter is that the chances of catastrophic head injury from football are very slim, and the sport teaches valuable life lessons about teamwork, showing up to play/work every day despite not feeling your best, and fighting through adversity that every kid could use in their professional career. Don't be scared away because of the sad stories you hear about NFL players. Or at least try and come to grips with the real magnitude of the risk before you write the sport off.