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Re: Best prep or private

the hockey is good enough, the academics are top shelf and the beach is there! Great school if your hockey player can get in

Hockey is good enough for what? I don't think they ever been ranked in the top 30 of Prep hockey?

Re: Best prep or private

Is this a down year for St.George's, or has the hockey been not good there for a while?

St. George is generally a low level hockey school within prep. All you have to do is take a look a the top ten ranked prep in New England (USHR), it's usually the same schools give or take a few.

School is solid, location is great, hockey is on the lower end but your kid will get a ton of ice first year. To us, its better than waiting 3 years for ice time.

Re: Best prep or private

So it sounds like the hockey isn't quite important enough in their culture to factor into aggressive financial aid packages? So the hockey player needs to be an elite student first and foremost, and not expect much FA?