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Re: Kids not producing

Scoring is one aspect to the game and most good coaches (and experienced parents) know this. If the kid can play, he sticks. If the kid struggles an underclassman takes his place.

Look at defesnemen, unless you're on the P.P. you're likely to have limited impact on the score sheet. Plus some of the better defensive defensemen get a full shift on the P.K. so at higher levels it is often too much ice for a kid to handle doing both special teams and rolling over the boards every other shift. Being on the ice 3/4th of the game is a bit hard for anyone.

Re: Kids not producing

How do higher end high school teams or preps deal with kids who dont produce on the scoreboard? I see alot of games with less than 4 goals scored per game. Are the kids who dont produce on the score sheet typically replaced year to year? I get that teams usually only play only 2 lines but what happens to all the other kids? Son is going into 9th next year and trying to understand the landscape.

It really has nothing to do with higher end HS or prep teams. The teams coach should be playing the players that put the team in the best position to be successful. If your son is fulfilling his role, whatever that may be, he will be valued by his coach. A good team/coach needs goal scorers, penalty killers, defensive Centers, solid D, etc.. good teams need them all.The truth of the matter is that teams don't win because everyone scores 30 goals each, they win because they play as a team.

Re: Kids not producing

Not when coaches kids and friends are on team. GET OUT FAST!!!!

Re: Kids not producing

They don't have to produce.