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Boston Herald's top 6 -


1. MALDEN CATHOLIC (4-1-3; LW 2) – The Lancers have been held to one goal in half of their games, but thanks to the defense, they are 1-1-2 in those four contests.

2. AUSTIN PREP (9-0-2; LW 3) – Three nail biters in the last week, and yet the Cougars still managed to escape without a loss.

3. ARLINGTON (9-1-1; LW 4) – The Spy Ponders have allowed only 13 goals since their opening-night loss to Pope Francis – including just one in the rematch victory Monday night.

4. POPE FRANCIS (10-1-1; LW 1) – It wasn’t a happy ride home west on the Pike after what likely was Pope Francis/Cathedral’s first-ever visit to Ed Burns Arena.

5. CATHOLIC MEMORIAL (7-1-2; LW 5) – The Knights were a couple of minutes away from their first season sweep of BC High since 2009 …

6. BC HIGH (7-1-3; LW 6) – … until Thomas Kramer and Danny O’Connell combined to give the Eagles a huge comeback point at home.

The wild cards: 7. Hingham (9-1-2; LW 7); 8. Walpole (13-0-0; LW 8); 9. Marshfield (9-1-1; LW 10); 10. Andover (10-2-0; LW NR).