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Re: X please make a change

I do like the suggestion of going to talk to the coach. Really good. "Hey coach, I know this won't affect what you think of me or my kids ice time...but have you recently given any thought to searching for your replacement?" "You hold yourself out as a knowledgeable hockey guy so your input would be crucial to the decision making process but what we should be looking for is someone who is interested in actually winning games, developing players and not playing favorites."

That should work.

I'd say start with the parents, the captain's parents & the Boosters and move the discussion toward the A.D. - maybe your voice would mean more if you took charge of raising some $ for the program.

Yep! If you want change anywhere, bring the $$$$$$.

Re: X please make a change

It's Trump's America now....Cheeto Dust and $ talks, B.S. walks.

Re: X please make a change

New rink great locker room get rid of the guy his time is up. Watched a bunch of games talented team with zero direction lose to SJP tonight not even close. CC wide open and let's play dump and chase with extra kids that should even be on the team.Get a clue maybe someone should clean his classes. Pretty sad after half season kids have checked out. Even sadder blame put on the kids. Hopefully someone can find some kids homes there is talent in the team. Been through it before with him it is time to go. Same thing year after year. If you think it is bad this year wait until 10 kids graduate.

Not sure what game u watched, but "talented team" is a bit of a stretch.