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Re: Xaverian - worst team in Catholic Conference?

The top 4-5 C.C. schools recruit. If they don't, they will either not be very good or they will learn how to. Basically the process as I've seen it firsthand is you pull in a few 'assistant coaches' and they spread out a bit to various programs and summer teams to identify what is basically middle school talent. They approach the kid with promises and have them tour the school and the financial aid office. Coach does the meet & greet and off you go!

They all recruit and have been for years. Why wouldn't they. They have no border constraints, so they don't have to find a "relative" that lives in town to sell a kids residence to the MIAA(See Everett Football/basketball for details.)The diffencce is X and SJP still have acedemic integrity, so its much tougher to sneak a kid on athletic skills alone. MC, AP, BCH, and CM don't have those problems AND they do a good job of getting kids looks at the Jr/College ranks. Really not much of a mystery. My only question is what the heck happened to Matignon? Apparently they got left behind on both fronts.

Re: Xaverian - worst team in Catholic Conference?

My son goes to a Catholic conference school. We were 100% recruited. Given a very sweet financial aid package. School never would've been on our radar If it hadn't been for the coach calling me. We don't qualify for financial aid yet we pay hardly anything.

Re: Xaverian - worst team in Catholic Conference?

Former Hawk
Just looking up the Catholic Conference standings and not only is Xaverian last in the Catholic Conferencd, but they also don't have a single win in their Conference. They haven't had any trouble getting talented players. Is coaching the issue here?

Xaverian has a solid team this.....just not scoring goals. It is time for a coaching change. The younger varsity players will leave after this season now.

Re: Xaverian - worst team in Catholic Conference?

"Look who is out in the hallway!!! It's father Time! Welcome coach Hanson, welcome!"

Talk about kids leaving....

Re: Xaverian - worst team in Catholic Conference?

Squeaker against the boxers last night