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Re: Congrats Walpole

I think your level of what is acceptable here is - would you be happy to see some slanderous things (there haven't been any convictions, right?) posted here about your son's drinking or drug use? Think about it.

Re: Congrats Walpole

They are in big trouble next year. Rink/Express owner forcing them out and starting u18/16 teams that will use late afternoon ice. Enjoy those 5am practices.

Re: Congrats Walpole

Huge win against Norwood JV last night. Most overrated team in the state. Play someone then talk.

Re: Congrats Walpole

Bay State Dad
I must say I went to the Walpole Braintree game last night and now can see how Walpole is having such a great season. Sure the Bay State isn't as strong at the top as it was last year but this team looks pretty good. Not sure if they are State champions good since their are lots of good teams but they'll compete with most.

Don't sleep on Wellesley.

"Braintree and Framingham are the cream of the crop"...hahahahahaha!
What year coach, 2012? They are dogs this year, have been for a few years.