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Medford and Newburyport hockey teams are really bad this season. But those teams soundly beat Lynnfield. Team should drop down to D3 we they belong. Very weak schedule and team still bearly above five hundred. Playing weak teams to sneak into postseason is silly. One and done again. Coach doesn't have a clue. Played club hockey and only dress three game in his career. You think they could hire old coach back. Or grab lynnfield whatapuck coach. Anything will be better they the goon twins.

Re: Lynnfield high school

Don't look now but team hitting some pot holes. Cambridge, HW, and Maine youth hockey would be great to play every game. Started out 3-0 and now 4-3-1. O-2-1 last three games. Team players fighting with each other during the games and between periods. And if this team can't find post season with the creampuffs teams the coach setup. They should start looking to get old coach back once Melrose get rid of him after the season.

Re: Lynnfield high school

Lynnfield has a team?

Re: Lynnfield high school

If lynnfield had a coach that had a clue they could have gone a lot deeper into postseason. Saugus played three lines to lynnfield two and that was the difference in the game. Lynnfield ran out of gas in the third period. Some Lynnfield players didn't shake hands after the game. Lack of class by players and team for poor sportsmanship. And putting their helmets on before the national anthem ended is still awful. All this is a reflection of the head coach.

Re: Lynnfield high school

The better coached team won. STOP CRYING DRUGFIELD, I MEAN LYNNFIELD.