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Re: Super 8 = Catholic Championship

Of course it's about the $$$$$$$$ The Catholics don't put anyone in the stands, which mean's less revenue for the MIAA. Same reason the Super * is so drawn out, with multi-game series at the start...generate more $$$. The Catholic schools have much smaller student bodies and come from over a wide area, they just don't have the fan support that the Publics do...Town pride means more fans to draw from, more tickets to sell, more $$ for the greedy MIAA. Just look at the MIAA Tournament selection committee, dominated by representatives of Catholic schools...why? They don't recruit if they don't win. Just look at the Garden when the two Catholics meet in the Super 8'll be empty, always


They could draw more people with two separate distinct tourneys. The public's would all have a chance to be state champs and also play the Catholic champ for bragging rights!!

More revenue and would keep more kids home.

Re: Super 8 = Catholic Championship

An all-Catholic tournament would not make any $$$$$ one besides a small portion of students and the player's parents would go to the games! How would that provided for more money? They need the Publics to put people in the seats. They need the Publics to provide easy prey for the Catholic All-Star teams to help them recruit for the next season...if you can't beat 'em, you have to join 'em.

Re: Super 8 = Catholic Championship

I think his point was throw the catholics together and the bigger numbers at the public tournament would offset the poor catholic turnout. But they have this already at the D-I South and D-I North tournaments so I kind of don't get his point.

Book the catholics at Dexter and the publics at Walter Brown and away we go!

Re: Super 8 = Catholic Championship

Take a look at the list and you tell me, why do they keep this thing alive?

Teams that have competed in the Super 8 and their all-time record -

-----------------------W / L
Catholic Memorial 71-22
BC High 59-30
Malden Catholic 35-8
St. John's Prep 28-25
Arlington Catholic 22-18
Austin Prep 21-22
Reading 20-27
Matignon 19-15
Hingham 15-23
Arlington 14-24
Pope Francis / S.C. 8-11-1
Archbishop Williams 8-8
Central Catholic 8-16

You forgot Franklin 0-2

Re: Super 8 = Catholic Championship

It's a long list and it had to stop somewhere

Re: Super 8 = Catholic Championship

It's a long list and it had to stop somewhere

Not to worry, just wanted to make sure it was stated!