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Re: Arlington

Seems to be working so what a great program. If you complain about money in hockey, you've picked the wrong sport.

Well said. The poster complains about a coach that has taken a public school program to the Super 8 and plays his own son and about $. How long has this guy been involved with hockey. A) If someone lied to you that hockey was cheap you should have given your boy a basketball. B) if you dont think a coach wil play his son you are out of your mind. C) have some balls and send your aon to a new school or team if he is so good. D) stop putting down a freshman high school student. E) from what i see the only one who should be complaining is the goalie. Looks like those "seniors" that are carrying the team were outshot by 2-1.

Which one of Coach Messuri's brother are you?
You clearly are related. He can do no wrong in your eyes
And you state that your nephew is one of the best players in the state
Only an uncle would say something so ridiculous

Crazy thing is I truly dont even know the guy and think public school hockey is terrible except for a Freshman or Sophomore who may want Ice time. Somehow I have a feeling your son fills water bottles for Arlington.

So you know nothing about him or the team or the situation
Now there's an opinion that we should all care about

I know he wins, hockey is an expensive sport, and picking on a freshman as an adult because he ia playing over your son is wrong on so many levels. Thats what people are ******** about on here. Am I wrong?

Of course your wrong. Your always wrong, but you've heard that your whole life haven't you.
You never played any sports because you weren't good enough. You live in your parents basement as an adult.
Your are unemployed. You never married,and are unable to have children. Thank God.
And your the only person on this message board defending this coach.
Please keep your uninformed opinions between you and your 26 cats

Wow! Why so angry? You think its right for you anonymous adults to pile on a 15 year old kid? Really, how would you

nlike it if it was your kid, donkey?

No dog in this fight but I am amazed that your group comes onto bash a coach and a kid that is playing in the Super 8 ( as a Public). Bad, bad form! Even if it is all legitimate; still some weak *ss sh**

Time to change the kitty litter

Or its time to pile on your wife! Again!!

Hit a little to close to home there slugger? Ha Ha Ha

Nah, not so much. I just read the thread and think you are a tool. Anybody who thinks it is cool to anonymously bag on 15 year old kids is a coward. Coward.

Coward? this coming from someone who signs his name as Anon?
Man up ***** and put your really name down
or continue to be the closet shut in you are

Who would be more embarrassed to reveal their name? The grown man that picks on a 15 year old because his dad was a pro hockey player or the guy who called you out?

Punked out just as I thought you would
Go back to your baking sweetheart

Bashing on 15 year old athletes because you have a bone to pick with his dad is bottom feeding cowardly s**t.

I never said anything about his son. I wouldn't do that. But I can see why you are so sensitive to this issue
After how horrible your son looked against Kimball in his limited playing time

Wrong guy. Guy

No he had the right guy. Your busted