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Re: Public in the Championship!

Probably gonna happen every year from now on. Talented players or even slightly about avg dont play MIAA.
The hockey sux.

Agree 100%. Watched the S8 1st & 2nd round games and the talent was lacking.
BCH had 1 dominant forward, goaltending was good.
MC no dominant forwards, goaltending good.
Walpole no dominant forwards, goaltending exceptional (never saw a team so outplayed and carried by their goalie. For those that do not agree, please go watch the replays on NFHS).
Marshfield - no comment.

The difference from last season to this season was a dramatic drop.

About two years away from NH High School hockey ...... no joke ...

That maybe true but I watch the rivers school play in the championship game against kimball and they were horrible
Kimball looked as you would expect from a prep team but rivers not so much. Their coach was amazing just keeping his team even close to a much better team
It seems that hockey is down all over

⚠️ WARNING! The Squirt parents have taken over the High School board. Lock the doors and windows. The Delusions of Grandeur starting to take hold....My kid is not in Super 8 this year, so the level of hockey sucks....You should have seen is oaly hockey back in the day......Don't know why anyone would play high school or perp, full season rules....if your not committed by 14 your nothing.....

Can you D-bags please just shut up and just let the kids enjoy on last weekend of hockey. Spring sports start on Monday, and this all goes by far too quickly.

If you don't like the board go back to your blow up dolls

Thanks Squirt parent. Now please stop hitting the recent post button and just stay on the youth board. This one is for adults.

Adults ?
Sounds like your wife's website