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Re: NH Monarchs

Full season midgets are good. Play in Tier1Eliteleague new to the league. Teams we getting better each year. Split season is just NH high school kids

Per my hockey rankings 16u was 10-44-1 and -141 GD (Record was 2-28 in the Tier 1 Elite league and ranked dead last)

18u was 16-29 (Record was 6-21-4 in Tier 1 Elite League)

Tier 1 will kick them out of the league after that - almost guaranteed

That's "getting better"??

Sure you might be in a good league but would any kid improve in that type of situation?
BA didn't fare that much better, all things considered - it's a tough league, and BA is a more established program. To their credit, Monarchs didn't sell the league before they knew they were in, but that did cause them to get off to a late start.

Pretty sure they will get a second shot, but you're right, they'd better improve. Big disadvantage against every team in the league in that they aren't close to a major city.

USPHL added them (and the Cyclones) back in December. Big year for the program, be interesting to see if they can take a step forward. Not sure they can.