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Re: Rivers school where has the talent gone

I have been watching this battle for to long
Hey public, be happy and enjoy your time on the team.
It seems like you are having fun
And Rivers, you are the reason my son left prep.
to many aholes like you
and since this is a bigger dick contest and you like to brag about you son here's my story.
my son is currently skating in Michigan. He has already played in several international tournaments
He has already committed to a D1 school. Just waiting for him to become a senior and graduate
Unlike your bender he has a real shot of advancing past college hockey
And no I will not being going to see your bender play in college hockey, but you might be paying to see mine play shortly
So rivers learn some humility. There is always some better than you.

Only kid I know from around here scored 2 goals in 30 games in Michigan this year. Maybe you should have gone the Prep route. If you think he will see the Ice in the NHL with numbers like that you are delusional.

Still sounds like your bender couldn't like his jock strap
But I bet he'd like to

Can someone teach Sid proper English? Its utterly painful trying to figure out what the mental midget means half the time.

this coming from a retard who can't spell
Here it is simply
your kid is a bender
his kid is a prospect

clear now?

No he is NOT a prospect. 2 goals is miserable. Both have D1 scholarships.

your just mad because he left your bender kid behind in a weak prep league
and you didn't get an invite to move on
Jealous much?
the 2 D1 scholarships are for hardship not athletics
that's because daddy is on the welfare