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Re: Phillips Andover

Andover has been second fiddle to Exeter over the last several years in hockey. As well as in endowment too.

Hockey, yes. Endowment, Please let's not split hairs!

Academically and overall, PA is in a much better place than PEA. That is the consensus

PEA is a much harder school than PA. PA much less stress.

Not sure but I will take your word on it. Is PA more selective?

Re: Phillips Andover

the endowement at Exeter is over $1 Billion dollars, I believe that Andover is around $600-700 million. Trust me Andover isn't more selective than Exeter, there are many documented cases where athletes couldn't get into Exeter, or didn't receive much aide compared to Andover where those same athletes were accepted into Andover, or other cases where they received more aid than Exeter. Andover is slipping.