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Re: Harbormen Hockey

Love it, you guys sure eat your young. Yeah I stop out a few times a year to see games and the kid wasn't very good. He had (and still has) potential and the first question I would have is why the kid hasn't been moved to forward - skates well enough to play center but needs to distribute the puck more. The position would fit his game and his size better but hey, I'm sure the people in Chestnut Hill have given it thought. While there I talked to others that were there to look at players and we all had the same conclusion that the high risk plays are not rewarded for defensemen. Year over year that you are speaking about the defense improved considerably with maybe one of the top pairings in high school hockey, the forwards got a year older and the goaltending improved considerably. Hey, the jury is still out.

Re: Harbormen Hockey

Thanks mom.

The TRUTH is when the marginal player (yes the worst defensemen in the past decade to get a regular shift - numbers don't lie), disruptive locker room kid, primadonna decided to leave the program every kid on that team said 'wow, I really think we are going to be pretty good next year because he is leaving.' No more freelancing all over the ice, no more multiple stupid penalties per period, no more 3 minute shifts, no more hammering off angle shots that fly out of the zone, no more high glass from the point or all the other squirt hockey plays and guess what? THEY WERE BETTER - again, numbers don't lie. Going from a stumbling dysfunctional sub-500 team to winning the state D-I title all through removing one favored, sub-par, selfish player.

Sorry mom, someone had to say it.

how is club hockey working out for your kid?