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Re: Why does my dad embarrass me

Daddy's trying to live through me
I have been playing hockey since I was a mite and my dad tries to be involved even though he is not a coach. He yells at the other kids and tells the coaches who is good and who is not. He comes in our locker room and the kids were getting mad at me bacause he comes in when they just get out of the shower. He pushes me and pushes me to be on the ice all the time and I'm at the point that I'm ready to quit because he has taken all the fun out of it. Maybe if he skates a little more in his men's league he can make the NHL.
Thanks for taking all the fun out of being a kid Dad

You're now even, you just embarrassed him (and yourself) with all these pathetic posts on the DBoard

Re: Why does my dad embarrass me

you sound like you play at Rivers
Man up and go to a real school

Re: Why does my dad embarrass me

So sorry your kid didn't get admitted. He can always reapply next year.

Re: Why does my dad embarrass me

He does it because you are a Donkey .....

He said you couldn't hit the side of a barn from 2 feet away .