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Re: USPHL Draft

On website.

Not sure why they would draft players with D1 deals already drafted by a USHL team. I suppose the thinking is, maybe they want stay home. But, in my mind, there's not yet a choice to be made, if my kid had to choose.

Kids might not be ready for USHL and need that one transition year. Makes a lot of sense actually. Can't see teams drafting kids without talking to them in advance like the USHL does, so I would imagine there is a reason.

And I completely agree - there's no decision to be made. If you are USHL ready you go. My son is not at only 17 so we are looking forward to him being in this league for the year and he was USHL drafted and has gotten D1 offers.
Congrats to your son. Players I know are 17 and 18 and playing top Prep. I can see them leaving early to play USHL (like, this coming year or next), not NCDC. If they stay, in most cases they are 19 when they graduate anyway.

Who knows, you may be right. Guess we'll see.

He wasn't ever really interested in the Prep route so this makes sense for us in his situation. He had chances to play for a lot of the top prep schools but just didn't think that was the path for him. It's not the only route now - there are a lot of different options and that's a good thing.
If you don't mind sharing (in an anonymous way), where does your kid play now (MIAA D1 contender, average D1 team, Catholic, etc)? Why do you feel he isn't ready?

The level of play in the USHL is certainly strong, don't get me wrong, but it isn't off the charts. I would offer that a kid getting NCAA D1 attention and playing top line/top pair (or close to it) at a top Prep is USHL ready at 17, 18 (age at the start of the year) at the latest.

Sounds like you are viewing the NCDC as the equivalent of Top Prep, and it may very well be. It's a bit too soon to know that, IMO.

Played 16U full season for 2 years with some 18U also last year. Skills and speed are ready, but I believe he needs to fill out a little more before going out which he wants to do next year for certain. Doesn't seem right to send him out for next year if he falls into a situation where he would be a 6th or 7th D. I guess I will find out in a few weeks at the camp though what their interest level is for now.