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Re: Austin Prep

The admin should have fired him years ago when the little grandfather was throwing the cash around. LF didn't do a thing to discourage it and in fact encouraged it by letting the grandson play 1st line when he was a soph. The school knew what was going on and did nothing about it. With all the talent he's had over the years he should have at least won one state title. This season was an embarrassment. Lost S8 play-in game and then 2nd round of D1 (which St Mary's won). The ass't coach has been running that team for years. Underachiever. Good bye.

Sorry your kid didn't play

Re: Austin Prep

You think my kid didn't play?? Sorry to disappoint but he played a lot. It was just kind of nauseating to see that level of pay-for-play going on at AP for a few years there. He was obviously trying to take a page out of the MC playbook with much less success.