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Re: Walpole

Yikes.. that doesn't sound good. Is the coach that bad there? He must have done something right last season?

Also, What happened with the goalie from last season? He had a great season/playoffs. Hope he's still playing somewhere.

Re: Walpole

So how's the team looking for next year boys? Top D leaving for private, 2 top forwards leaving for club.....a few underclassmen coming in opting for full season club vs. high school....all because of crappy coaching....good luck...

Most likely it has nothing to do with coaching. It's happening at all of the local high schools as the full season teams need kids and they are coming from somewhere. C.C. and D-I hockey is rapidly falling apart even in the last 2-3 years.

H.S. coaches need to get serious about moving kids along after H.S. playing days are over. Even if that means as sophomores or juniors let alone after they give the school 4 years. Why don't they get it?

Re: Walpole

talk to walpole parents. coach does literally nothing right. had one of talent due to a few kids returning from club teams they either got cut from or got tired of the travel.

no offensive or defensive system. totally wings it. they hung in their in the tourney but were completely outplayed in every game, even the one they won.

normally parents complain about everything. in walpole, they have a reason. terrible, terrible coach. rumor has it others leaving as well unless RD is replace. AE seems to be the backup, but he's just a blowhard. sells himself as a skills instructor and ex-junior coach. was a door opener.

going from hero to zero in one year defines the state of the program.