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Hockey Night In Boston/Girls

Another money grab!!!!!

Received an unsolicited mailing asking if our Daughter would be interested in playing in a Festival Weekend June in Haverhill. Filled out the paperwork and received a email that our daughter was placed on a team. It was a distance to drive, but we stayed at one of the motels they (HNIB) had a group discount. Also paid the fee to play.

Daughter plays for a public high school in Massachusetts. We wondered how they chose us to mail this information. Daughter played in New England girls High school All-Star team. Do they sell the list or roster names to these groups?

Daughter never played on an all girls team or select teams. Town hockey through Bantams, then into girls High School team. After this weekend we are glad we stayed where we did. Talk about drama, yes they are young women but oh my!! You can see where many of them get their attitudes, their parents. Sure, we have seen it at Town Hockey but these parents are cut throat.

Finished the weekend and saw some very talented young ladies play hockey. We noticed most if not all the Coaches were from Prep. school from around New England. The rosters of the teams were covered with girls from these Prep. schools. My daughter was placed on one of these teams with the Prep. school coach and a few girls from the coach's school. After their last game the coach advised them that a few girls were going to be selected for another team. They were advised that a roster was going to be posted in a few days.

Again some of these girls from these Prep. schools were good but others not any better than a public high school team. Our daughter held her own scoring a few goals and some assists. As any parent thinks their child is good, but there is a lot of talent out there.

They posted the rosters our daughter did not make it. She got some good experience. Going over the posted rosters and the rosters provided at the games there were girls who did not even play in the tournament. Also most of the girls who made the teams were from the Coach's Prep. schools.

We came to the understanding this was advertisement for Prep. Schools and trying to lure the girls in that direction. The Coach's picked their own (Prep.)girls to continue. There was one young lady my daughter met from Hingham (Public). My daughter said she was a very friendly and a great player. We noticed she did not make the final roster, this girls should have been there. Just my opinion but those few public school girls should have made that final team.

It comes back to money and how cut throat you are and the Coaches. Thanks for the invite, but we are happy at our public school.

Re: Hockey Night In Boston/Girls

Sour grapes here....there were several girls from public schools who were chosen for the showcase in August...they also state all over the website and literature that they have chosen girls to go straight to the showcase based on their play during the regular season so no smoking gun there either... my daughter and a group of her friends attended as well and some made it and some did not...all are public school kids. With that many skaters there will always be an argument made that this kid should have made it over this kid, etc., etc.. There were some really solid players that were no brainer picks, a bunch that were in the middle and a few that didn't belong on the different than any other tryout...In the end it was a solid four games of ice time in early June and this was no more of a money grab than any other summer tourney.