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Re: USPHL vs. USA Hockey

Generals were terrible but were NAHL T2 NCAA compliant so what sanctions are you talking about?

NAHL is definitely compliant. Funds itself appropriately. Has USA Hockey blessing. Word us NCDC may or may not be NCAA compliant. USA Hockey raised these questions and denied Tier 2 status based upon shady accounting. NCAA is to be determined.
Better be careful what you fabricate. Posts still are traceable to an IP address, and making this kind of **** up could be judged as slanderous.

What is slanderous? That it may or may not be compliant and NCAA will determine the eligibility? What do you think the reason USA Hockey denied NCDC status? They publicly stated it was because of their business model and accounting for the new league. Last time I checked this was a discussion board. Hence, the Hockey D Board. I wish your son the best in NCDC.

Re: USPHL vs. USA Hockey

They have no need for it. That's why the General's team was put here. I can see USAH pushing into New England thru NAHL but it will be tough with all expansion teams. What they could do at some point is invite 2 or 3 of the top NCDC programs into the NAHL but that will be on USAH's timing. Right now there seems to be no pressing need.

Look how great the Generals have done. Gonna be interesting if these kids are totally rejected because of worries about NCAA sanctions. That is the real reason USA Hockey didn't allow it as Tier 2.

Generals are not a good example. They had some money behind it but did not have people with junior hockey experience running it. The Lovells are slowly getting it going.

Re: USPHL vs. USA Hockey

I don't think anyone here has a problem with theories, conjecture or opinions or anything else as it pertains to a league. The problem around here seems to be the limited tolerance for picking on kids, slandering individuals or posting childish and crud things... debate away!