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Re: NCDC Rumor

In the NAHL players can leave and go to other leagues without paying the team anything. However USA Hockey has agreements in place that if they go to another league the teams work out compensation. For instance a player can just leave a team and play for say the EHL but the NAHL team must give the player his release (which they usually but not always do) or work out a trade with other team. But can't just leave one USA hockey team and go to another USA hockey team. Same for ushl. But there is no financial penalty for player as in both leagues there is no actual "contract" signed as it is free to play. Player is simply put on a USA hockey protected list.

Re: NCDC Rumor

The NCDC is not an equal to the NTDP. They're not in the same universe. What the NTDP does means nothing in that context.

wrong the business model is the same.

Re: NCDC Rumor

They are only the same technically in that they fund by taxing others. The concept is the same, but in practice there is no comparison.

And watch out for the grammar dbag. He'll be coming for you.

Re: NCDC Rumor

Heard a rumor that the new NCDC league teams plan to charge $$$ fines for any rostered player that leaves during the season to play for a better team. This can't be real.

1. what if a player has an opportunity to move up in quality of play from NCDC - and from the NCDC there is plenty of room for that.

2. what if the NCDC league doesn't live up to its hype?

3. what if an NCDC team just can't compete?

4. what if the coach is an a hole?

If the rumor is true, it doesnt say much for confidence in this latest experimental league.

The quality of the league and its teams is what should keep players from leaving for better opportunities, not threats of charging players thousands in fines.

Hahahahaha this is great. This ought to go over well with NCAA coaches who want to see all their "top recruits " play in the best competition. Now that bills are coming in they realize the business model will not work and the hockey will continue to be Tier 3.