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Junior Chowda Cup

How was the hockey this weekend?

Re: Junior Chowda Cup

Overall pretty good , like usual there were a few teams that didn't belong .

But overall pretty good . A few teams that sandbagged there way into Sunday by not playing in the one of the top four divisions as they should have , but with 50 teams it was pretty good .

My son had a blast .

Re: Junior Chowda Cup

Isn't it this coming weekend?

Re: Junior Chowda Cup

This weekend is Mini Chowda..03-04..this past weekend was 01-02.

Re: Junior Chowda Cup

How was the hockey this weekend?

I am not sure why this tournament gets the press it does. Its awful. Not awful in terms of talent but awful in terms of the number of teams and format. Talent is spread waaaaay too thin especially on local teams. Good teams will demolish teams in round robin games with scores like 17-0 then they may have to play up to five 30 minute games on a Sunday? Its a $$ goldmine but the tournament has seen better days.