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Re: Hockey Academy

Since every prep school kid becomes set for life at an early age, I agree!

Re: Hockey Academy

Ham Bone
Are there any true Hockey Academies in New England? One that has a main focus on hockey and not academic? My son is not a scholar (B student) but loves hockey and has passion for it, do you have to eventually send your kid to prep to get that type of Hockey environment,structure and development?

The journey starts early then one would think. Believe it or not as early as 4th grade. The program that you seek is referred to as a High Preformance Athlete Program. Hollycrest Middle School uses this approach in grades 4 through 8. As long as the athlete continues to excel and share the same passion he / she will continue on to a High Preformance Athlete High School such as Silverthorn to continue this model. At Hollycrest hockey players spend a minimum of 3 hours daily on hockey related activities. T

There have been 52 boys who were enrolled / accepted into the program in the last 5 years and 45 of the 52 players graduated to junior hockey and above:
-10 NHL Draft Picks
-5 Players playing AHL
-21 Drafted to OHL
-9 Players received NCAA scholarships

There is no cost to High Preformance Athletes as the program is funded by TDSB.

Its the FedElite model. I like it.

Impressive statistics, the best being grouped and trained with the best.

Sounds to me like training your kid to be a zamboni driver. Of those 52, how many will make enough of an impact that they will never have to work again after hockey. My guess is zero. One should never sacrifice the education for hockey, I don't care how good a prospect you are.

No one is sacrificing an education or proposing to do so. The curriculum / program is designed Board of Education.