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Re: Back at it

I get the whole burnout thing, and I'm sure that will be the result for some kids. Maybe more so when it's too much too soon?
as a coach (youth to HS) and a parent (various and numerous sports) i would have a hard time finding a 'burnout' situation at the HS level. but it is very common to see a player realize 'its not going to happen' and move on. at the youth level i saw 'burnout' continually (including some talented players). guessing - at the younger ages its the parents that dictate (the team, the commitment, the ---everything), by the HS its the player.

Re: Back at it

OP asked for some pointers for kid to get ready for season:
Workout A
1. 15 sets of 45 second sprints with 30 second rest in between
2. Push ups 3 sets of 20
3. Pull ups 5 sets of as many as he can
4. Hamstring Stretch
5. 15-20 minutes stickhandling
Workout B
1. Quick 5 minute run or rollerblade
2. Body weight sumo squats 3 sets of 15
3. Body weight Single Leg Lunges 2 sets of 8 each leg
4. Hamstring Stretch
5. Shoot 100-200 pucks this day

Alternate A/B 6 days per week for 3-4 weeks...he will be ready