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Re: Uh-oh, I peaked to early

...and the better athletes rise to the top.

Re: Uh-oh, I peaked to early

A wise man once said hitting doesn't make anyone better, but it makes some worse...

Re: Uh-oh, I peaked to early

Bee Keeper
It's all so silly. OK Kiddie Board parents, yes there is checking at older levels. That's it. Every kid hits and gets hit eventually, 99% of the time they laugh it off. It is not a defining difference in hockey like most kiddie parents think it is.

My defensemen son (6'3" 185) noticed right away that as the game progressed and he played at a higher level the 'forwards almost became too slippery to line-up.' Meaning yeah a player would like to catch a kid occasionally but if you missed it was an odd man rush going the other way. Yes I've seen high school D-2 and D-3 hockey and there it looks like half of the football team is trying to play hockey but good d-1, prep & junior hockey it is all about skating. . . for EVERYONE. Big kids, little kids, forwards, dedfensemen it doesn't matter. Skating is everything.

They all hit and they all get hit...even the big fat kids. It's really no big deal.

Great post. Skating is everything sums it up. For the parents that think the little fast skilled guy in youth hockey is going away when hitting starts.. think again. That speed is now also used for forchecking and backchecking. The game is getting faster and faster.